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Get your music played alongside popular artists to help grow your fanbase , for free.


Speakerfuel artists get FREE guaranteed Internet Radio Airplay!

Get guaranteed radio airplay to fans that are already interested in your style of music.

Radio Airplay gets your music played alongside popular artists that you can pick to be featured with. Choose from Jay-Z to Coldplay to Lady Gaga and thousands of others.


Reach new fans and increase your music sales.

In the first week of using Radio Airplay your songs will get played to 100 people.


After that you’ll get 10 free spins every month — at no cost to you. And if you want to expand your reach, you can upgrade to Airplay Plus at anytime. 


How it works:

Music Recording

Upload and Target

Upload your music and images. Then choose the artists whose music sounds similar to yours.

Get Played

Your music gets played on radio stations alongside the popular artists you chose.

Get Analytics

Get data and reports on your new fan base, get to know your audience.

Radio Airplay takes just a few minutes to set up and gives you free, guaranteed airplay to music fans that want to discover your music.

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