Loopmasters Bass Master VST

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

A modern, sample based instrument with bass on the agenda!

Bass Master. Virtual Instrument by Loopmasters

All about that bass!

Bass Master is a simple sample based instrument. It has two sample layers (top & sub) with 217 waveforms. The top layer has an ADSR envelope and a sample-start slider while the sub layer has an attack and release envelope along with an octave picker. Interestingly both layers also have independent shuffle buttons enabling a randomly chosen waveform when clicked. This comes in very handy when creating new patches and gives great sounding results almost everytime. The waveforms themselves have been sourced from a variety of hardware, software and drum machines and have a very high quality, polished sound.

Next up is the mixer section. Nothing to write too much about here, its a simple affair of a volume control for each layer with an essential "direct out" button for the sub layer. If you're not sure what this does then all you need to know is that the sub layer wont be processed by the effects section when enabled, a highly essential function for a bass synth.

There are 13 different filter types onboard including LPF, HPF, BPF, Ladders and Comb filters and a pre-drive control to warm them up with. The filter section is completed with an ADSR envelope and a syncable LFO with dials to control the amount, rate and phase of the LFO shape.

Bass Master comes with three effect units: Distortion, Stereo Chorus and a Reverb. Distortion has five algorithms from subtle, warm saturation to totally trashed up, in your face distortion. The stereo chorus has four algorithms to thicken and widen the sound. The reverb has three algorithms to add space to your sound. There are not many controls for the effects but they do give you a very high quality, polished sound, quickly.

There is a forth effect in the master section for boosting the overall sound, with a dry / wet slider and three frequency bands ready for boosting / cutting the low, mid and high frequencies. Again, simple controls but it works very well and polishes your bass patch further.

The global controls include Legato / Portamento / Glide settings along with a handy modulation matrix where you can map three parameters to the mod wheel.

Final thoughts

Bass Master is a simple synth to use with a simple UI and has a very short learning curve. That's not a critisism, in fact it's one of Bass Masters strong points, bass needen't be over-complicated. The 350+ mix ready presets sound absolutely fantastic and cover all genres. From simple subs, trap 808's, grime basses, dubstep wobbles to vintage synths and everything else inbetween, It's all there and at a very reasonable price. The effects section sounds great, especially when you send the sub to the direct output. The shuffle buttons are a welcome addition when creating new sounds as are the 217 waveforms.

At the time of writing Bass Master's list price is £69.95 and is exclusive to pluginboutique.com so head over there to find out more and download the demo.


  • Professional, mix-ready bass sounds straight out-of-the-box

  • Simple to use with a short learning curve

  • New patch creation is a breeze with the shuffle buttons

  • Multiband frequency booster heats up the signal nicely

  • Unbeatable in it's price range


  • None, considering what you get for the price

System Requirements


10.13 and 10.12 officially tested OS X Platforms


AU (64 bit only)VST (64 bit only)


10, 8 and 7


VST (64 bit only)


OS X Mojave is not yet officially supported.Bass Master will work on any 'modern' DAW that supports 64 bit plugins. Please download the demo to ensure it works on your system before making a purchase.

Important Note: Bass Master is NOT currently available in AAX format.

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